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Our expertise in handling mortgage closing services can streamline your loan closing processes and minimize the time and costs involved. We can help you with all the stages of mortgage closing, including ordering title reviews, preparing closing statements, liaising with agents, reviewing final terms, HUD settlement, as well as ensuring compliance.


Pre-closing is the first step of mortgage loan processing. By this stage, we would have ensured that the purchase offer has been acknowledged, finances secured and the proposed home has been approved post-inspection. Our next steps include:

Obtaining homeowner’s insurance
Getting the down payment and closing costs from the bank after deducting the deposit
Reviewing the payoff statement
Evaluating tax certificates, closing documents, and ‘clear to close’ necessary for HUD statement preparation


Closing involves completing the transaction and transferring ownership of the property. All parties involved must sign the final documents. We ensure that this process is handled smoothly.
Mortgage closing services from Auctor Business Solution also involve the following key steps:

Gathering all documents such as the GFE, contract, title search and insurance, flood certificate, homeowner’s and mortgage insurance, appraisal and inspection reports.
Reviewing the property title to check for easements or recorded legal rights to the whole or part of the property.

Following title review, the loan application is reviewed and approved by the underwriter. We prepare the closing instructions statement and send it to the funding department along with the Bank Note, E&O Insurance and Wiring Instructions, etc.
Outsource mortgage closing services to the professionals at Auctor Buisness Solutions and rest assured that all your mortgage closing needs will be taken care of.

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