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Title Service

As part of our mortgage title services, we order the title, examine the title and the financial obligations associated with the property in question; execute transfer of property rights commitment of the property title by the seller to the buyer; and obtain property insurance.

The key stages of our title services are:

Title Ordering

As part of the Title Ordering process we get the details of the Title company from the Loan Officer and order the Title for the property in consideration, we also follow up with the Title company until we receive the Title.

Title Examination

We conduct a thorough inspection of all financial obligations associated with the property proposed to be acquired. This includes legal claims, lawsuits, taxes, judgments and liens, as well as all issues that could impact the property transaction. The main goal of title examination is to protect the lender against property sale frauds.

Title Commitment

The title commitment report received from the title company after completing the search will state the conditions for insurance of the property title. Any defects that are uncovered by the examination process can be cleared and the transaction closed jointly by the buyer, seller and the lender.

Title Insurance

We Order the Title Insurance on behalf of the lender


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